Spice Market NYC

The Spice Market Restaurant

The following photos are part of a set of images of the amazing Spice Market NYC restaurant, located at 403 West 13th Street, New York City.  This lower Manhattan area is known for its eclectic restaurants and high-end designer stores.   My wife and I had an opportunity to visit the Spice Market restaurant to photograph its main dining areas.  When we entered, it felt like we stepped into a different country.  The wooden architecture depicts a strong and bold style, while the ambiance remains calm and peaceful.  We noticed the intricate designs on the wooden posts and ceilings.  They are magnificent.  Although we did not get a chance to wander to the basement level, we can see a vision of it through the balcony photo.  We will definitely take more time to document this GEM during our next visit.    The first photo depicts the Manager, Raygie De Los Santos, and his staff. 

View of the Grand Dining Room, located on the first level next to the bar.  From this dining room, the kitchen is visible.  Bar stools are available for guests to observe the Head Chef and his team prepare the delicious meals.

Directly across the main bar, is a lounge area for casual cocktails and networking.  The reception area is located on the immediate left, next to the main entrance.

The balcony from the cocktail lounge provides a top-level view of the downstairs dining room, where patrons can sit privately to enjoy the warm and exotic atmosphere.

Left of the bar and cocktail section hosts additional sitting with an overview of the front entrance and cocktail lounge.

This is an extremely romantic and breathtaking restaurant with awesome background music, allowing a conversation to be conducted without raising your voice.  I found their music selection quite pleasing and nouveau.