Everyone has moved into a new house or apartment at one time or another in their life.  We all know how daunting it could get when the actual day has arrived.  The whole project could be exhausting and tedious, especially in New York City.

Once we have moved in, the next phase of the project was to garnish our new space.  One of the most intriguing parts is finding the right pieces.  Personally, I enjoy the shopping most of all; my wife is the expert in choosing what we needed and she is excellent at discovering the gems that are hidden in the marketplace.  One of these gem-filled locations is Arhaus, which is located in the heart of New York City's Meat Packing District.  

Arhaus, pronounced "Our House," is one of the largest chains of retail stores in the United States;  Its line of merchandising includes a blend of unique, handcrafted designs that are commissioned from a group of skilled artisans of diverse cultures and backgrounds, ranging from Italy to Indonesia.  The outcome is an astounding and eclectic collection of the most exclusive pieces on the market. 

As we entered the store from its 13th Street entrance, Phyllis greeted us and offered her assistance, which we accept, gracefully.  As we roamed through the displayed arrangements, we were instantly absorbed by the layout and fine lighting arrangements.  We discovered immediately the strength of style, design, and earth-tone essence of the artistic expression of the new pieces as well as the recycled antiques.

We also discovered how earth conscious the owner and CEO, John Reed, is about the furnishing that is exhibited in the store.  John’s commitment to the environment has no bounds.  He vowed to commission furniture that is fabricated from organic fabrics, recycled glass, and cooper.   A promise that he has kept since he launched his first store in 1986.

As we walked around the store, we could not help admiring the presentation and layout of the pieces.  We were especially impressed with the beauty and rich textures; the brilliant color combinations are well coordinated, which provided a suitable backdrop for the exhibited collections.  

We appreciated the sets of seating arrangements, having a blend of chairs and sofas that are wrapped in organic, leather, and custom order fabrics.  We also noticed a wide range of beds, one-of-a-kind antiques, nightstands and wall decorations.

Dressers, made of recycled wood, are presented with an array of covering choices, depicted with a unique and well-designed lighting arrangement.   We could not help noticing the private label bedding collections, accent pillows, and throws.

Navigating through Arhaus was fun and enjoyable.  Everything that we needed for our relocation was available, including a library and office pieces, with an all-encompassing media center for our high-tech gadgets.  

Overall, we appreciated the passion for great design that is depicted in the body of the pieces.  We were curious about the collections and wondered about their origin.  We discovered that the store designers travel the world to gather inspiration.  Then, they commissioned their creations from skilled craftsmen, who delivered the classic styles that are available from Arhaus.

Arhaus was established in 1986, as a privately held company.  As of September 2012, 600 employees serve the public in 18 states and 46 stores.  The Arhaus Corporate Office is located at 7700 Northfield Road, Walton Hills, Ohio  44146.