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I view Fashion Photography with a Photo-journalistic eye to capture spontaneous moments of the model and how they are reacting to the scene and theme of the photo shoot. I like to be creative and integrate my own style in the process, capturing the Client's vision as well as the overall theme of the designer's vision, whenever possible. The Runway is a playground of excitement and creativity. I focus on expression, movement and ambiance to collect the special moments. I bring the same creative style, passion, and vision to my portrait sessions. The outcome is a sensational set of images that my clients cherish for an eternity...

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My Still Life Photography ranges from precious jewelry to fine dining, exploring the essence of light and shadows. A white background is sometimes essential and required for Web designers and marketing architects; however, it is not the only approach. I respond to my clients and work with them to deliver the best quality of images they require to promote their products and increase sales.

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Portrait photography is where it all started in this medium. Painting with light, instead of using a canvas and paint brushes to reproduce a likeness or image of a patron, revolutionized the portrait industry. From the first pinhole camera, using silver halide, to a digital sensor, science and technology keep us on our toes. The digital format of capturing an image allows us the ability to immediately review our work, saving on film processing. In addition, the ability to share our images with our friends and family on the Internet via Social Media validates our level of creativity and our passion. Thanks to portrait photography and the advent of the Internet, we have no limits in this arena. My role as a portrait photographer is to participate in this data revolution...

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Client Testimonials

Mr. Sandaire did an awesome job. I was very impressed with how many photos I had to choose from. I plan on using his services again for another occasion.

Curtis W.

Thanks Johnny on your prompt response to deliver high standard portrait head shots at such short notice.

Appreciate your effort across the waters!

Dipna P.

Johnny Sandaire has done an amazing work! I am very pleased with many pictures that he did for me. He is very professional and has a great attention to details. He helps to direct photo shoots and is very open to suggestions. Johnny also has an amazing creative side: he experiments with special effects for the pictures to produce the highest quality work. The quality of the pictures is superb and I will gladly schedule more photo shoots with him in the future.

Lu F.

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