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Commercial Photographer

Johnny Sandaire Photography studio is located in Cranford, New Jersey. I am a Commercial Photographer as well as a Product Photographer. As a Commercial Photographer in New Jersey, I dedicate myself to my profession. I am very passionate about my process and results. I constantly seek new and innovative approaches to enhance my image quality and creative process. Over the years, I have developed a unique and eclectic style as well as some innovative technical skills to create the highest quality images for my clients.

I specialize in creating Products, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Portrait, as well as Fashion accessories Photography.

Product Photographer

In my capacity as a Product Photographer, I am able to create beautiful E-Commerce photos in the Studio, on a white background, or in a lifestyle setting. E-Commerce-styled Product photographs are required for Amazon and other shared Web sites for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

E-Commerce On White Background Commercial Product Photography

E-Commerce On White Background

E-Commerce Lifestyle Commercial Product Photography

E-Commerce Lifestyle Product

Pure White background and Lifestyle Product Photography are essential to a successful marketing campaign!